Financial Modeling Force Multiplier
Altitude is a copilot tool that integrates seamlessly into your financial modeling workflow, leveraging technology to allow you to compete disproportionately.

Inefficient Processes
Squander Returns


High Volume of low quality data prevent rapid iteration of modeling workflows.


Repetitive work increases time spent on menial tasks, inhibiting the frequency of new insights.


Delayed upkeep of financial models reduces the potential of investment theses.

Altitude Elevates Your Modeling Workflow

Move Faster, Close Sooner.
We streamline the financial modeling process from hours to seconds, enabling analyst to engage more critically with their assumptions and focus on what is important: the client and the deal.
Unify Vision, Propel Results
Our product facilitates enhanced comprehension of a financial model’s structure, sources, and performance in natural language, empowering key stakeholders across all levels of the deal team.

Technology Tailored
for Finance

Model Generation
Start from scratch or iterate over an existing template, models generated natively in excel.
Collaborative Repository
Control version history, track changes, and search models, ensuring work is never repeated
Document Parsing
Extract Data from financial documents, and seamlessly weave it back into your model.
Tabular LLM’s
Deploy large language models designed to understand the structure of financial documents
Data transparency
Validate data sources easily natively revealing their origins, designed with privacy first.
Natural Language
Start a workflow in a manner similar to that of drafting an email that assigns work to an analyst.